Getting your customers to come to you

There’s no need for you to go to your customers. Have your customers come to you! You may attract your customers through Social Media and email marketing. You may also attract your customers through referrals and friends who have had great experiences with your valuable information. This is where testimonials come in. Record all positive feedback from your customers and followers. Share them with your audience to show how greatly valuable your information is. Build a following by giving away free information that can make a difference in peoples lives. Connect with potential clients who send you friend requests and want to be your friend. Notice when people need your help. Give and you shall receive.


Creating Mystery

Creating mystery is an art to peak your follower’s interests. Ask your followers questions so that you can attempt to have them make a decision. Have them ponder on your questions because the answers are all in the questions that are asked. When you post messages on social media, make sure that you ask questions so that you can get engagement from your followers.


Get Your Message Across

It is important to use consistent messages that share the same point through different mediums so that your followers can get it. It may take a while before others can really get your message and comprehend what you are trying to convey. Be consistent and share many messages so that your target audience will understand. Use media like video and images to get your messages noticed. Follow a theme so that there is congruence as you provide valuable messages. Your message will finally be recognized and understood the more you share your insights with your followers.
Providing Value

You get paid in accordance to the value you bring to others. The more valuable your products are, the more valued they will be perceived. Share valuable information and initiate desired change in the quality of people’s lives. Once people get results from your valuable information, they will promote and mention you to others. This is where the magic happens. Word of mouth and promotions are a powerful marketing occurrence when you give value. Focus on giving value and the opportunity to receive results are upon you. You may receive money for your valuable information, you may get more followers on social media and people may like your pages to support you. Provide value first and the rewards will follow.


Themes and Systems

Themes work very well in marketing because people will eventually get your message. Be consistent with a specific theme to reach your audience with a valuable message. Once your audience gets it and understands your message, results are the reward.
We have put together a system for our clients to follow a specific detailed themed spreadsheet so that their audience can get their messages in a concise manner. As a result, our clients get more Likes on their page, a larger audience following their page and more paying customers. Our Themed spreadsheet comes as a bonus in our 4 Steps to Online Success system. Stay tuned because systems work as well as themes so that your audience connects with your valuable messages to make your marketing super effective.