Social media is so big today it has become our normal way of living in connecting with people instantly. In fact, most connect more through social media then face-to-face relationships. We have read that there are going to be an additional 3 Billion people that will have access to the Internet (including social media) in the next couple of years! WOW! This is so exciting because now is the time to market yourself and your expertise because people will search for your topic of interest.

Reap the Benefits!
Imagine increasing your customer base from 1000 to 1 Million? It’s definitely possible. People will be searching online for such topics as:

  1. “Wealth” so that they can become wealthy
  2. “Health” So that they can be healthy
  3. “Relationships” so that they can communicate effectively
  4. “Happiness” so that they can become happier doing what they love
  5. “Entrepreneur” so that they can work for themselves rather than someone else.
  6. The list goes on and on…

The important thing to consider is that you have a target market just looking for the value you have to offer, even if you haven’t created it yet.

1st Things 1st: Build your Audience! Social Media is your tool to use to your advantage. Once you have your large audience, you can add additional value by sharing much of your wisdom and valuable information (and get paid doing it!).

The downfalls of Facebook
The Distraction that is caused by surfing on Facebook can have you waste a tremendous amount of time. Time is precious because you can live your life with meaning rather than following and living through others lives. This is the reason why television wastes so much time is because you are entertained by programs rather than entertaining others with your passion. Stay focused on using Facebook as your marketing tool to reach your audience that is interested in your posts. Add value and share insightful messages to make a difference in people’s lives.


How to Stay Focused!
How would you limit your time on Facebook to less than 1 hour per day, creating your audience while having to free up time to do what you love? Well, there’s never been a better time than now. Do what works! We have paved the way before you with your free eBook so that you can follow a system that works for you and gets you the results you want. The tips and strategies will leap you forward in little time because we’ve tested it with our clients and they are getting tremendous results!

Now is the time for you to put into action daily tasks that work for you. We have detailed a specific daily action list for you to check off each activity that proves to get you more targeted friends and increase your page likes. The more people see your page and connect with you on social media, the more engagement you will have to share valuable information with them.

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Consistency will get you superior results!

Right action repeated consistently will deliver desired results. ~ Mike Schryer

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Mike and Jenn
iInspire Inc.