As Featured in Soulful Image Magazine
October 2016 Issue.

Build it and they will come!
Use the Law of attraction on Social Media to receive the abundance you deserve.

You can yell at the top of your lungs from the mountain top to let everyone know that you have a service or product that can better their lives, but if no one is listening, you will not be noticed.
Get noticed through Social media. Focus on Facebook because it is the largest Social Media platform that encompasses all other platform benefits into one. There are the most users with the highest retention rate and most frequented clients on Facebook. People check Facebook over 15 times per day on average. The reason Facebook is such a phenomenon, is that it has the connection that we all desire. We want to feel connected and we don’t want to miss anything. This phenomenon has attracted all of us to connect and be connected to each other.


Who do you want to connect to? Today you have the ability to connect with anyone you want. Do you want to follow mentors, coaches, influential leaders, millionaires and even billionaires? With Facebook, you certainly can follow and feel connected to people who have achieved what you want to be, do or have. Leaders have paved the way before you so that you can cut your learning curve in a fraction of the time that they have achieved their own success. They have made mistakes so that you don’t have to experience the same hardships that they have endured to get to their desired goal. Whomever you want to connect with, you now can and I suggest that you do. You can follow in the footsteps of your desired path laid before you by the many who have taken the time to share their wisdom with you. You have the opportunity to buy their step-by-step systems and programs so that they can guide you to success often faster than they have achieved their goals.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? The Facebook Phenomenon is the key to your passion and purpose. You now can share what you love through Facebook because those who want to know what you know can find and follow you. You are an expert in your field of interest. You have either done the research or have achieved results in your topic of passion to share your wisdom with others. Because you have accumulated this special knowledge you can present it to others who are just discovering the same passion they have and want to learn from you. You’re only a few steps ahead of others. It is your time! It’s your turn to inspire others with your passion and wisdom. The world is awaiting you to guide them to greatness.


What is your brand that you want to be recognized for? Whatever your passion is, you can share it and you can promote it. It is your business and duty to let others know that you have a professional Facebook page to share with the world to follow.
There are an additional 2 billion people that will be online in the next year and they are looking for you!

There are three categories that people are mainly searching for.

  1. Health: People want to be healthy and disease free. Everyone knows someone that is sick and that needs help. What is more important is the knowledge to prevent sickness and to have a long healthy life.
  2. Wealth: People want abundance and end poverty. They want to be able to become financially free to end their struggle. People are interested in having a life full of beauty and have the ability to buy options.
  3. Relationships: Without connection or relationships there is no meaning to life. Relationships with loved ones make a purposeful life. Business partnerships make a company flourish and allow others to connect with it.


There are then, many other topics such as sales, spirituality, family, love and endless topics of opportunities for the masses to seek and find people who live their passions of interest. You do fit in a category of interest, and your target market will find you if and when you are branded on Facebook.
The Facebook Phenomenon lets you use the law of attraction to attract your audience. First, you need to let your target audience know that you have a business to give them a solution. And secondly to have them follow you and eventually buy from you. Do you want to attract the abundance you deserve? The Facebook phenomenon is about doing what you love while making money doing it This book will show you how connect with your 5000 friends and also attract your additional 1000 followers on your Professional page in less than 90 days. Once you follow the proven system in The Facebook Phenomenon, you may connect with us for a Done For You program to have our company market your brand and get thousands of followers from your target audience. The larger the audience, the more they become paying clients to access your services and products to enrich their lives. Get Your Copy today on Amazon or buy the e-book version through


Mike Schryer
Award Winning Author
CEO I Inspire Inc.