Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. ~ Jim Rhon

The only way to get more time is to free up your time by focusing on productivity in a short time frame for greater results. For example, it is much faster to schedule your social media posts in advance than it is to post messages every so often. Don’t lack consistency! Make sure you allot a specific amount of focused time to pre-schedule your posts so that your messages are visible.

The Importance of Visibility
If you have the key to achieving success but live in a cave away from civilization, you will not be able to share that key with anyone. Get Visible! Get noticed and be recognized for your expertise. The more people know about you and your expertise, the more they will gravitate to you and learn from you. Otherwise they won’t know that you exist. This is where marketing comes in. The purpose of marketing is to get noticed so that potential customers will buy from you. Social media, where the majority of people frequent for entertainment and connect with friends, is the place to be so that you can gain a larger potential audience. When your potential customers see you and see the valuable information you have to offer, they may buy from you. Be visible by sharing valuable information on social media first.

Connect with your Audience

What’s in it for your Audience? You need to connect with your target audience to give them value on a consistent basis. Lure in your audience with free information first. Remember that the key is to position yourself with a website that visitors and social media followers want to learn and get value from. Your target audience is essentially your ideal customer. Who is it that can benefit the most from the message you are sharing with the world? Who is it that is buying your product? What do they want?

  1. Your Blog

This is how you will communicate with your audience on an ongoing basis. Your blog will be updated at a minimum once every week. This is where you will share content with your followers and customers.

When you are deciding on the content to include on your website and topics for your blog posts, you need to consider your target audience. You need to think like they would be thinking and you will need to answer the questions they have.

The clearer you can be about who your target audience is, the clearer your communication will be with them and the more sales you will make. Once you know what your audience is looking for, you can design all of your messages and content around it. Your target audience will feel as though you are speaking right to them. You will also be able to create products that will help them with their struggles and be exactly what they need.

This is the secret to attracting and keeping loyal customers. They are people who want what you are offering and they see you as the expert who can give them the help they are looking for.


  1. Social Media
    The purpose of social media is to be in front of your target audience sharing your message to them at all times. The key is not to spam your audience and constantly be bombarding them with sales pitches. But instead, you always want to be sharing valuable information with your followers.

In addition to your own products or services, what kind of information can you share with your audience? What kind of value you can give them and in what ways can you keep them consistently engaged? Make a list of all the things your target audience would want to know about and then begin to find ways to deliver that information to them through social media.

Take time to define your target audience and what kind of information they are looking for.

Getting Activity from your Posts

Take the time to go to Google images and go through the images with quotes supporting your messages. Once you have collected your images, you will need to strategically post a message to get engagement. You may pose questions, ask to like, comment or share, attach a link to your page, etc.



Success Quote #1  “save as” image:


Create a Facebook post with this image. Now try to come up with a message that will get engagement from your followers.

Here are some examples you can use:

  1. Who creates your opportunities?

– Have friends reply “I DO!”

2. How do YOU create your own opportunities?

– Have friends tell you how…

3. Create your own opportunities by liking our page:

https://www.facebook.com/[YOUR PAGE URL HERE]

-This will help bring exposure to your page

4. You want opportunities?

Check out [Insert your web page here]

– To promote your Facebook page or web page

5. If you believe in “creating your own opportunities” [or quote your picture post], please like, comment or share.

– To give a call to action and let friends know what they can do

Your post will get more likes, comments and shares when you add one of the above messages to it that relates your picture. Design your own posts and be creative to get engagement.


WARNING: Media is Key!

Do not post text only! Please avoid posting only text any chance you can. What will happen is that many of your friends will just glance through their news feed without ever noticing your post.

You must add media, like a picture or a video, to increase the probability of getting your post noticed. Pictures and video are easy to notice as they catch your attention. If your target audience enjoys them, they will also be more likely to share a picture or a video rather than a simple post of text.


Time Is Precious

Once you spend it, you’ll never have it back. It is important to focus on activities that give you the best Return On Time Invested (ROTI). After much time spending on content creation and posting valuable information, we have found that dedicating chunks of time of 25 minutes allows you to focus on one specific task at a time. This prevents multitasking, which doesn’t work. As a result, this saves you so much time so that you can do other meaningful work adding value to what it is you love to do.

Finding regular time to devote to your goals and daily tasks can be extremely challenging. There is nothing more important than to design the life you want and to take the steps to get there. Consistent execution is paramount: it keeps your head clear and focused; it rewards you with a constant feeling of progress; and, most importantly, it keeps you moving forward, closer and closer to your goal attainment.

            Do not wait for free time to magically open up and appear. Rather, proactively carve out a chunk of time in your daily schedule to make it happen. Do not let anyone disrupt this precious time to focus and work on your goal.

Remember that consistency counts! When it comes to progress, frequency of execution is perhaps more important than the duration of execution.

Dedicate yourself to working on your goal for at least 1 hour everyday. This priority of events that you have planned out for yourself will amount to a minimum of 7 hours every week. That is a whole workday dedicated to designing your life and working towards its achievement every week. In a year, this also works out to be 52 days worth of working toward your goal attainment in creating the life you want to live.

Occasionally, something will knock you off course, and you may not be able to work on your goal that day. However, if you are striving to push it forward every single day, you will stay on track regardless of what happens. Do not hold back. When it comes to execution, the key is to get moving, and keep moving forward.

When you chunk a block of time to schedule your posts at least 1 week in advance, it frees up your time to do other things that produce even more results you are looking to achieve. Make sure you pre-schedule your posts.

How To Schedule your Facebook posts:
Click “Publishing Tools” at the top of your page. You can click “scheduled posts” in the left panel and “+Create” your posts in advance. We usually plan posts at least 1 week in advance. Now that we’ve saved you much time, you can go on about your daily activities while your posts go out and get engagement automatically.


Now that you can schedule your posts on a weekly basis in advance, be prepared to save yourself much time to focus on other important tasks that give you more desired results. Automation is key when it comes to saving you time.