Our Mission & VisionOUR MISSION & VISIONiInspire Inc

Are you genuinely happy with the results you are achieving in your daily life?

Do you feel fulfilled and passionate about the work that you do?

Happiness is the BIG goal in life.  The meaning and purpose of your life is to have pure and sustained happiness as an underlying basis of your mood throughout each day.  In order to be truly happy you must love what you do.

We recognize that to love what you do, you MUST discover your true passion and purpose for this lifetime.  We have also discovered that 85% of people do not like their current job or career that they have chosen for themselves.   So where did we go wrong?  Why are so many people miserable and find themselves lost and on the wrong path in life?  Perhaps we are unable to identify the core issues because we have been doing everything that we were told to do to be happy and successful.  The only problem is that we have failed to find true happiness.

Ask yourself this:

  • If you had the opportunity to do what you love and to do it every day, what would you do?
  • What wakes you up in the morning with excitement?
  • What is your burning desire?
  • What are you enthusiastic about?

Once you know the answers to these questions, we can help you to build a career and business around your passion so that you can love what you do and do what you love while getting paid doing it.  You have this power within you and we can help you to discover it.

Identify your passion and set goals to move yourself in the direction of living your ideal life.  You truly can make your dreams a reality but first you must get clear on what it is that you want and that you are trying to achieve.  The goals that we have in life can help maintain our focus in order to attract into our lives the results that we desire.  If you do not have specific goals written down for you to look at and visualize their manifestation, then you are probably working for someone else’ goals and mission.  When you have a clear written vision, mission and purpose, you will do everything in line with your values to manifest your goals.  This is when you become the master of your own ship and the creator of your world.

We  have all had struggles in life that have led us to find a better way.  The struggle is real, people are looking for answers to live a life of meaningful passion and true happiness.  We believe that we are put forth on this earth to share our wisdom and passion with others so that we can all benefit.  We can all inspire someone else with our passion, expertise, knowledge and our results.  We have paved the way before you and we invite you to follow that path.

We are all Messengers.  This is why we have discovered the secret formula to do what you love.  We have created a platform to help you discover your true passion so that you can live a life that is fulfilled and meaningful.  We also have the one thing that will enable you to share that passion with others allowing you to make money while doing what you love.


Our Mission & Vision


Our vision includes a world where each individual is empowered to follow the true path of their life journey.  A world that is full of love and compassion as well as courage and hope.  That we would build each other up and encourage one another to follow their dreams.  To be able to celebrate each success along that journey.  To break down barriers of fear and hopelessness to where our true nature and passion can be revealed.

We allow this vision to unfold in 3 ways:

  1. We build affinity with other like-minded people who would like to prosper and live life doing what they love.
  2. We help brand you as an authority in your subject of passion so that you can inspire others with your wisdom.
  3. We show you a proven path that you can follow to achieve your dreams and set yourself free.


Our mission is to inspire others to live life on their terms.  To discover what truly makes you happy and then to build a brand and a business around your passion to create an income for yourself.  We intend to build up and bring together Authors, Life Coaches, Educators & Speakers on a platform of affinity.  We show you how to do what you love and love what you do while getting paid doing it


We share our Vision & Mission to inspire you to create the life you have always wanted.  It does not matter where you came from or your current circumstances, where you are going is what matters most.  We encourage you to create your vision, mission and write down your goals.  You can become much more of who you are and what you are meant to be, do and have.  Who we are (teachers), what we do (share valuable information) and the life we lead is from the result of our passion.  We do what we love and love what we do and know that you can too.