How to create a Facebook business page

Do you have a professional business page? If not, you definitely need one. Your brand and your business depend on it. This will be the key to your success as you continue to expand your network and grow your business.

You must set up your professional page to promote your brand specifically for your position, career and business or to promote your services or products. You have the opportunity to create a professional page based on a few different categories.

When choosing your category, be sure to select the most relevant one for what you are trying to achieve with your professional Facebook page.

Check out this tutorial to set up your professional business page:

Go to the down arrow beside the padlock icon at the top right of Facebook. You will notice “Create Page”. Pick one of the categories listed above that best describes the purpose of your page. Once you pick your category, there will be a few steps in a specific sequence that Facebook will walk you through to set-up your page automatically as you fill in the blanks, such as adding a profile picture (Use a professional picture). Be sure to add your page to your favorites for easy access while selecting your preferred page audience.

First of all, you will not be limited to 5000 friends. You can really reach for the stars without limitations on the number of followers you can have! There are pages that have well over 100,000 likes and followers. Seek similar business pages out and see what they are doing to create such a large following.