Be of Service to Others

Do you have a passion that you can express to others so that they can learn what you know? Of course you do. Everyone has a passion or is passionate about a topic that lights them up when they talk about it. You are no different. Do you know your passion? If so you are in store for creating a product to share valuable information with those looking for it.


People Need Information

Create the information that people need right now. What is it that your target audience wants to know? What commonalities do you have with your audience? Can you be of service by cutting your audiences learning curve?

We remember an instance where we wanted to learn about iMovie. We searched YouTube videos and it seemed as though we weren’t getting our questions answered. We hired a coach who made many videos and knew the ins and outs of iMovie. Within 1 hour we learned the basics, some advanced techniques and our coach answered all of our questions in our session. Within 1 hour we were able to make effective videos by cutting our learning curve. This action prevented so much frustration and time that would have been wasted.

Now think about your audience who would like to cut their learning curve and learn what you know. Can you teach them so much valuable information that may not be common sense to them as it is for you. People are in need and they are searching for it, especially online. Why not have the information come from you when it is your passion.


The Product Tier

You have the opportunity to create many products from your topic of passion. You may share your message with the world and create a four tier product system that looks like this:

  1. FREE PRODUCT ($0)
  2. Low Tier (Books/eBooks) ($7-$47)
  3. Mid Tier (Online eCourse) ($97-497)
  4. High Tier (Coaching) ($997+)

The product tier and creation of those products are within your reach. Consider the possibility of making a living by sharing your messages through your products. Think big in terms of what your passion can create for you.


We are here to tell you that it is possible to be recognized as an expert and authority of your topic of passion. So what do you want to be known for?
First of all, if you want to brand yourself as an expert and be recognized as an authority, it’s time for you to become an Author! Yes, that’s right, an Author! All Authors are branded and recognized as authorities in their field. They have escaped the sea of sameness and have a book that they have written to prove it. Whatever your passion is, it is time to write about it because you are the expert on this subject. As the expert, you have learned lessons that you can share with others, you know information that can cut their learning curve and you have experiences to relate so that your readers can prevent mistakes.

It is time for you to WOW people with your book so that people can finally give you the recognition you deserve! Authors are wealthy and they have information to share with others to make their lives better. As the Author on your subject you have the opportunity to do the same and enrich other peoples lives. Do you want more business? Consider that by being recognized as the author on your topic, potential customers will come to you for advice and may buy from you rather than your competition. The Book will sell you!

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