Are you the Authority?branding2

Brand yourself as an Authority and Expert because you are one already, you just don’t know it yet!

You may not know it yet but you are an expert.  That’s right, you are an expert that knows things that other people do not. While you think about this for a moment, take a look at the following questions to discover if you are the expert that can share information about your passion:

  1. Do you know solutions to specific problems?
  2. What lessons have you learned to prevent future mistakes?
  3. Did you make a specific mistake that you can help others avoid?
  4. Did you figure out something that others just don’t know?
  5. Have you studied a specific subject of interest that you want to share?
  6. Do you have a hobby, interest or passion that you can share with others?
  7. Do you know tips, tricks and secrets that will help others achieve a specific result?
  8. What do you love to do where you can share this passion with others who would also love to learn this similar passion?
  9. Could you be a mentor to others by sharing your successes so that they can follow your path?
  10.  Do you want to be known as different as everyone else in your field where you are recognized as the expert?


If you said yes to any of the above questions then you are in for a surprise that can get you to do what you love.  That surprise is that you are meant to be an AUTHOR.  It is time to take advantage of your passion by writing a book so that you can enlighten your readers with the wisdom, knowledge and experience that you have figured out throughout your life journey.

How do you become branded you may ask?  By writing a book of course. But it goes further than that. In order to be recognized as the author of your passion, you must have a published book that is accessible to the public.  There are many people out there that need to know what you know.  Be the expert authority to give them this message. As an Author it only makes sense that you are the messenger delivering valuable information.

You may know how to do something that someone knows nothing of and is stuck trying to find a solution.

Can YOU be that very solution that they are looking for? YES, the answer is “YES”!

I was just like you.  I had information within me for years that I let leak out a bit at a time but in no way was this structured to give proper value so that they can take home with them and use it.  I merely shared information verbally for many years but it never changed anyone’s life.  It was not until I had the opportunity to write a book that was structured in a way to provide valuable information so that people can read, review and put into practice to be able to change their lives.  This is why I wrote my first book “Essential Nourishment” How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Life.  Thousands like you are now able to read an easy to understand book to implement strategies to live a healthy lifestyle.  I finally let out the valuable information I had inside me for so many years.  I am now recognized as an authority on health.  The same goes with the remaining books I have written and about to write.  Becoming the author of several books have completely changed my life and I know it will for you as well.

It has never been easier to find a mentor to show you how to write a book now that the online world is upon us.  There are published authors like our mentor and us who have programs to show you and walk you through the steps necessary to produce a real tangible book to prove your credibility and expertise.

So I challenge you to become a recognized Authority on your subject of passion.  You can share much information on anything you feel passionate about or that you have an affinity with.  You may ignite a fire of passion from within by writing about your topic.  Take action now and find out what it takes to be an Author to write your book by going to and download the “Complete Author’s Checklist”.  You are much closer to being an Author than you think!branding1