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The Facebook Phenomenon by Mike Schryer

This Is Your Game Changer for Social Media!

The Facebook Phenomenon shows you the importance of using the Social Media Giant: Facebook and the way it was intended so that you can grow your business and brand.

This Book includes the following and much, much more:
– Learn how to use Facebook to promote your business and your brand
– Reach Thousands of followers that are interested in your posts by connecting with your Target Audience
– How to Navigate the world of Facebook
– Get your Posts Noticed!
– How to get 5000 Friends and many Followers
– How to send Friend Requests & Follow Rules
– How to Get additional “Likes” on your Page!
– How to Promote with Effective Facebook Ads
BONUS: Scripts, Templates and a Step-by-Step Daily activity Checklists to get Massive Results!

Get Published Right Now by Jenn Morpaw


Today is your day.  You have a story inside of you that the world needs to hear.  What is it that is standing in the way between you and your destiny.  This FREE ebook download will reveal that to you and help you to breakthrough barriers standing between you and your own book. Inside you will discover how to stop procrastinating, start writing and become an author. Download this free eBook to learn exactly what is standing in the way between you and your published book. Overcome your fears and breakthrough the challenges that new aspiring authors encounter.

YOUR TITLE HERE by Mike Schryer and Jenn Morpaw

Your Ultimate Writing Blueprint Have you ever wanted to write a book? Do you want to be recognized as an Author? Outlined in this book you will learn the four step formula to capture your readers attention and they’ll grasp your every word. You will also learn the steps to get published right now! Can you imagine being branded as an authority on your expertise and passion?
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In countless confusing books on the subject of nutrition, it is easy to get lost in the overwhelming amount of information you can come across. Mike has filled a gap with the first book to get to the point in educating the reader in an easy to understand action plan to get results that matter most. In this book, Mike describes the top essential behaviors to nourish your body to optimal health. Learn and practice the fundamentals to live a healthy vibrant life because your body will thank you.

6M FINANCIAL FREEDOM FORMULA by J. Woods and Mike Schryer

The masses would have you believe that in order to achieve financial freedom you must work hard, save your money and if you are lucky enjoy the golden years of retirement. Forget that plan; there is no reason to wait. Whether you are dreaming of a large income, traveling the world, buying back your freedom, or simply living an abundant life and working less, detailed in these pages is your formula to financial freedom.