How to create a Facebook business page

Do you have a professional business page? If not, you definitely need one. First of all, you will not be limited to 5000 friends or followers. You can really reach for the stars without a limitation on the number of followers you can have! There are pages that have well over 100,000 likes and followers. Seek them out and see what they are doing to create such a large following.

Check out this tutorial to set up your professional business page:

Post a minimum of 4 posts per day

Now that you have set up your business page, post 4 messages every day supporting your passion, beliefs and topic of expertise. By posting 4 times per day, your friends will have an increased opportunity to see your posts on their feed. You may want to consider posting at the following times:

  1. 7:30 am when your friends are getting ready for work as they may surf their feed during breakfast.
  2. 12 noon because people typically surf during their lunch hour break
  3. 4:30 Pm, the last ½ hour before most people get off of work waiting for the last ½ hour to go by so that they can go home.
  4. 9 pm because I find that most people check their Facebook for entertainment before going to bed.

Schedule your Posts – It’s like Magic!

It’s time to save you time, lots of time. How about scheduling your posts in advance where you can block out 30 minutes once every week rather than sporadically every day?
How To Schedule your posts: Click “Publishing Tools” at the top of your page. You can click “scheduled posts” in the left panel and “+Create” your posts in advance. We usually plan posts at least 1 week in advance. Now that we’ve saved you much time, you can go on about your daily activities while your posts go out and get engagement automatically.

Time to introduce our Step by Step System that works Wonders!

It’s about time that you get familiar with a superior system that not only gets you a large social media following but brands you as an expert and authority on your passion! Yes, you read right, your Passion! You see, we all have a passion, which is part of our life’s purpose. You have strengths; talents and lessons that you have learned through life that makes you excited doing what you are genuinely interested in. So what are you interested in the most? Whatever that is for you, your passion about it, is what you can provide others with valuable information. You have learned lessons that you can teach others with your messages. You can cut others learning curve by more than half by learning one of your lessons. They can learn from the of mistakes that you have endured, without having them go through the experience of hardship.
For example, when I wanted to learn about investing in real estate to become financially free, I hired a coach to teach me the lessons that he has learned. It took my coach over 10 years to become financially free through real estate. With everything that my coach taught me, it only took me 2 ½ years! Now that is priceless. In cutting my learning curve, I have prevented mistakes and followed a system that works to reach my financial freedom goal. It was well worth the investment!

Your Opportunity Starts Here!

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With the 4 Steps to Online Success, you will learn how to create your:

  1. Vision so that you can identify your Passion and Purpose;
  2. Message so that you can be known for your brand;
  3. Platform so that you can reach your target audience;
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